It’s Friday AXIAN’s!
What is one thing you are thankful for about this past week?

For me I am thankful for when I come home and have my kids both run towards me shouting “Daddy!!” - best feeling ever 😊

Fun slow motion of a tee off in my last round of Disc golf. Funnest sport you’ve probably never heard of 🤙

When looking at the charts BTC halvings are clearly what drive the Crypto markets.
But with History Rhyming not repeating this cycle had things that previous cycles didn’t

(drop below previously cycle ATH, greatly diminished returns)

But what else is going to be different in the future? Are the cycles continue to keep driving the market or shift to only effecting BTC?

Interesting thought.. Looked up average home prices in Canada in 1990 - $255K at a interest rate of 10.13% and that was significantly lower interest rates than previous decades.

Safe to say this generation (myself included) has no idea what high interest rates really are.

Thinking about inflation: we live in a society that inflation is simply never going to stop.
Put aside Governments printing money.. do you know one person that doesn’t want a annual raise? A company that isn’t looking to increase profits each year? Or one food company that isn't packaging less food at the same price point?

Feeling pretty concerned with Some provinces in Canada “Protecting” it’s people by capping what they can invest into crypto assets at $30K / year.
Not that the average person is going to put that much into crypto right away… but still there shouldn’t be caps on one assets class one it’s the only one being capped but has the most opportunity

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Just added another story to my multifunctional LEGO high rise featuring a working elevator, train station, coffee shop, garden, sauna, and heliport.