An Eb Benes piece I gave a run at redrawing. Gotta ink and colour it some day.

@dtnlebaron_gmail_com @mahfujurrahman54321

What?! Free rewards paid in AXC by just doing what we already do!!! That’s amazing 👏

Dear Axia Staff,

I love the concept of this app. There are a few bugs…one of which is a back button is needed because we often have to close and reopen the app after clicking a link.

Also, it would be great if you could share a PDF with basic instructions on how to use the app that might include screenshots with how-to for posting, boosting, etc… that could also include the rewards breakdown and timeframe for receiving. Reading others’ posts it seems there is some confusion.

Here was another fun one I inked over the fantastic pencils of Marcio Abreu

Here’s a wrist breaker I inked over the crazy pencils of Andrey Lunatik!

Do you believe in alien life?

: Favorite Cocktail?

Mine is an Old Fashion w/Rye 🥃

Willing to branch out and try some new ones.

A recreation drawing I did a few years back. Can’t remember who the original artist was.